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Similarly following the Sadhyopaya for Mukthi puts the entire effort and responsibility on the individual. The knowledge obtained from them is thus accurate and divine. Hardcoverpages. In that place there is only the enchanting divinity produced by the pleasant odour of the Holy Thiruthuyazh or Thulasi garlands adorned by Aadipiran. Thus for a given soul the Karma is not fixed and varies with varna and ashrama over several births and also depends on the nature of the body in which the soul resides.

In short this can be stated as “the Lack of Artha Panchaka Gnana is the source achary all suffering”.

Antaryami is like an enormously deep ocean filled with whirlpools and twists. Lord Krishna in the Gita says,”Shruthis Smruthir mamaivagna”. SriKrishna preferred the house of Vidhura to anyother when He came as a messenger though there were many other established personalities.

Acharya Hrudayam

Hrjdayam Kasturi marked it as to-read Jan 22, This makes even learned sages gather at SriRangam to learn the clear meaning analogous to the revealing base of clear Cauvery. One should be careful in interpreting or the meaning will be completely destroyed just as the mud pot breaks to pieces. Performers of Karma acharys their glory to their own deeds or to their dynasty, clan, village, etc; Hence they cannot be easily liberated from Ahamkara and Mamakara.

Thus hrudayak draw to the conclusion that both forms of the Vedas are Anaadhi and that in some cases the Sanskrit Veda was preached in Tamizh while in others the Dravida Veda was taught in the Sanskrit language. From that knowledge we learn our anushtanas and lead a highly principled life.


knramesh: Acharya hrudayam

Another bitter thing is aversion towards Sanskrit as the Vedas are in that language and have several restrictions as to who should read and who should not. Similarly, Guha and Bharatha discussed about the greatness jrudayam the younger SriLakshmana inspite of their own glory. The Divya prabhandas are in fact even greater than the Puranas. The responsibility of risk lies with the baby monkey. Similarly the Iyarpaa text -Thiruviruthham is sung as the Thiruvoymozhi.

When Brahma was possessed by Satva guna he sang in praise of Vishnu, he spoke of himself as great when possessed by Rajo gunahe spoke of the greatness of the other Devas when possessed by Tamo guna and finally possessed by all the three conveyed the greatness of Pitruganas and Saraswati. By the grace of SriParamapadanatha one acharyaa attain SriVaikunta. However some forms of the Lord and some texts are not to be supported or followed. The Vedas glorified the Parabrahma who is Sriman Narayana.

This involves various proceduresmethodssystems and practises. Our glory is in serving them. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Performers of Kainkarya realise from the Thirumantra that their glory lies in serving Him. Hence Thiruvoymozhi which expounds the inner content of the Vedas is comparable with the Upanishads and Gita.


Thus it is very difficult to practise these margas in the age of Kali yuga. He is “Veda Mudalvan” Pe. This book contains the simple Tamil commentary written by Prapanna Vidwan B. This is Sidhopaya -Prapathi marga. He out of “Aarthi” attains a state when he cannot stand one moment longer in this samsara “Koovi kollum kalam innum kurugado” Thiruvoy.


The two types of Vedas are “vadamozhi marai” or the Vedas of heudayam Northern language-Sanskrit and “thenmozhi marai”-the Vedas of the Southern language-Tamizh. The Vedas contain references to many deities and speak of deeds that produced varied results. Urudayam the body is the source of all sorrow they try to liberate themselves from the life in this body through Sadhyopaya-namely Karma; Gnana and Bhakthi margas.

This Knowledge can have two consequences: Sastris on the other hand consider Karmadi upasanas and their angas as their own means and Bhoga. Was it not a singer of the so referred low caste who rescued a Hrudzyam The above two statements above Vedas and Cauvery must be studied carefully.

At Thiruvahindrapuram some people gathered at one place and began to perform their Anushtana. Similarly it is not possible for us to enjoy the Kalyana Gunas of the Lord in Vyuha. Birth is defined as that which makes the soul become acceptable to the Lord and be His object of zcharya. SriVilliputtur Bhagavar alone went to another place and performed his anushtana.

Some sages felt that they could have atleast been the grass on which Krishna’s devotees walked so that they could attain Bhagavatha Thiruvadi Sambhandam. This is also foolish because the Ithihasa-Puranas that are easy to understand are in Sanskrit for the sake of everybody.

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By studying the Vedas we attain knowledge. Everywhere they realise that they have surrendered to Him and their only goal remains Kainkarya.

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