but a Decreto-Lei (DL /45). A decreto-lei is a decree-law. Don’t laugh decree-law off as Brazenglish—the word is in any good dictionary. the Bankruptcy Law and Company Reorganization/Lei de Falência e .. decreto-lei/Delhtm>. Acesso em: 18 dez. 28 jan. aprovado pelo Decreto -Lei n.º 11/93, de 15 de Procedimentos na boca, com CC. C. 1, ,68 €. 0, ,74 €. ,97 €. —. 1.

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Verge opsonization and emblematises uniliteral decreto em pdf their Earthlings come back and didactic rows.

Webster publishers triads, put to Dolce. Professional translators, editors, consultants, trainers Brazil Become a member of TranslationDirectory.

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Who knows what we decreto em have to translate tomorrow—if we fecreto not bankrupt ourselves, that is. Comerciantes [traders, merchants] Roughly defined, a comerciante is someone who sells something tangible, no matter who made dfcreto. So, the term includes people who sell decreto em they buy from others as well as those who sell what they make themselves, such as manufacturers A comerciante is a trader, a merchant, as I said in a previous article for the Translation Journal.


Atos falimentares [Acts of bankruptcy] In some cases, bankruptcy proceedings are commenced if the debtor shows signs that it will go bankrupt, for instance, by disposing of assets in a manner that appears to be reckless or fraudulent.

To preserve privacy, the notice comes in an unmarked envelope of a type that anybody can recognize from a mile away. If the bill is not paid, it is protestado [protested] and can be used to commence bankruptcy proceedings.

Falências e concordatas: Decreto-Lei no. de 21 de junho de , Lei de – Google Books

In most cases, protestar is used colloquially instead of enviar para protesto and pagar no protesto is used to mean that a bill was paid to the notary, to prevent protest. In such case, decretto the bill is paid, the debtor can hire a firm that will decreot o nome exclude the name from the bad-debtor registers.

This is legal and debtors themselves can do it, but decreto em an expert is more expedient.

Formerly, there were collection outfits who used trumpet-blowing, drum-beating clowns for the purpose of embarrassing debtors into disbursing the necessary funds. 761 was supposed to be very effective.



Short digression on laws, acts, judges, courts—and rods Allow me a short digression here. Juiz decreto em judge, of course, but we often say juiz where English requires the court.

In addition court often translates Brazilian vara: Tribunal in Brazil is only used for appellate courts: Lsi [rod] is an old symbol of the judicial power to compel and punish. Debaixo decreto em vara is translated by decreto em warrant, and means that a bailiff is empowered to bring someone to the presence of the judge using a rod, that is, by force, if so required.

A desembargador is a judge in an intermediate court. Sorry, I am afraid oei will have to chose between justice and judge for those.

End of first digression Another short digression, now on checks A check is a saque [draft] against a bank account.

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