DISSERTATIONS AND ARTICLES. Dariusz Pośpiech, Beata Juras, Joachim Raczek. Motor Fitness of 10–17 Year-Old Students from Selected Regions of Japan. Wiesław Osiński, Joachim Raczek, Teresa Sławińska-Ochla, Włodzimierz Czasopismo ANTROPOMOTORYKA jest umieszczone na liście rankingowej INDEX. Szkolenie młodzieży w systemie sportu wyczynowego by Joachim Raczek(Book ) Antropomotoryka: teoria motoryczności człowieka w zarysie by Joachim.

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We will all say best wishes to each other and enjoy what is to come antropojotoryka the warm ray of spring, That s so soon. This is not the end of the year, this is after all the beginning of something new. How is it possible on this day, still innot to look back and see the next four issues of our quarterly raczwk. Congratulations to all who have contributed to their publishing. I thank them and ask for more. Together, we will achieve much more.

With some, we have walked the anthropomotoric trail together for nearly 25 years. Yes my dears, our readers, in we will be celebrating the 25 th anniversary of our journal. Who today remembers its birth? We are constantly on the run with some force pushing us forward without respite. It is a fact. Please forgive me that I want to rescue the memories of as well from oblivion.

It has been a quarter of a century. Before us is the jubilee year. What will it bring?


I will not play the role of a futurologist. These days, when it is cold antropo,otoryka and the days are getting shorter, how can we not ask for the fate of Faust s words: When, to the Moment then, I say: Ah, stay a while! You are so lovely!. It is also worth recalling the long ago spoken thought of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Time is indefinite, and each antopomotoryka is a deep container which may be filled to the brim if you only wish to fill it.

Raczek, Joachim

What we need as said by the Polish romantic is to That is what I wish for myself and all the readers of Anthropomotorics at the threshold. For the long evenings and longer and longer mornings coming soon!

I recommend them bearing in mind the captivating antropomogoryka of Georg Christoph Antropomooryka, the 18 th century German physics scholar and also satirist: Most can do much to find something, but to find something, we must first know that something exists. I antropomotoryja sure that all of the included, original articles, although they cannot lay claim to the discovery of something special, may certainly be treated as a stem from which bolder ideas for penetration of yet unknown areas of expertise jocahim be grown.

They should be bowed upon. I affirm my antropommotoryka with the words included in one of the treatises of Sir Alexander Fleming, Scottish biologist, pharmacologist antropootoryka botanist: For the birth of something new, there has to be a happening. Newton saw an apple fall; James Watt watched a kettle boil; Rontgen fogged some photographic plates. And these people knew enough to translate ordinary happenings into something new.

For all antropo,otoryka reach for joaxhim 64 th issue of our Anthropomotorics journal, I hope that my association will not be the only one. So what awaits the reader? The subsequent, now 64 th issue of Anthropomotorics opens with the article: That is not all. In the comparative analysis the authors use the results of similar studies dating back to 35 years ago.

The result is the bold formulation of interesting conclusions, primarily cognitive racczek nature. Among others, in the metropolitan population, the Lynn-Flyn effect in the development of non-verbal intelligence was not observed. It was also found that typical intergenerational changes in the development of strongly genetically determined traits, i.

The collected test results not only inspire reflection and engaging in further research, but above all, elimination of the sources of this adverse phenomenon. The study shows that higher results of reasoning skills of year-old primary school pupils favored the higher level of somatic and motor development. The authors of Physical activity of students, their leisure time and physical fitness self-assessment focused their attention on the determinants of physical activity important for the environmental groups that are made up by students, the future elite of our society.


The results of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire Ajtropomotoryka allowed to find associations between physical activity and the claimed level of physical fitness and leisure time management. Studying the work submitted from Lithuania: Peculiarities of movement of track-and-field anhropomotoryka and players makes us apply great intellectual effort motivates intellectual effort.

The authors examine the issue of the importance of coordination between different parts of the body legs, arms, torso in techniques applied in selected sports.

It is a very difficult problem to solve and maybe some biomechanical approach to the analysis of human movement may raise discussions. It would be difficult to find the truth without it. Studying the work, the maxim of the great Leonardo da Vinci came to antropomotoryk Mechanics is the paradise of the mathematical sciences, because by means of it one comes to the fruits of mathematics as well as the warning from antropomogoryka already quoted Alexander Fleming: Never underestimate phenomena that seem extraordinary.

Appearances can be deceiving and it may a false alarm, but it can also happen that it will be the discovery of an important truth.

Similar conclusions may be reached when reading the work: Research into maximal muscle torque carried out in students of the Silesian University of Technology. While exploring the effect of body antropomptoryka of students of the Silesian University of Technology on maximal muscle torques in the joints of the elbows and knees the authors proved that the methods used in biomechanics can also be used to assess physical abilities.

Reliability of the evaluation of body composition by electrical impedance, not only for the whole body, but also for its individual parts trunk, legsappears to be, at least, satisfactory. For a long time now, the authors of: The result determinants in children s and teenagers fly-throws in terms of dynamic asymmetry have been dealing with the issue of optimization of teaching motor skills in athletic training.

Publishers Panel

This time, jjoachim paid close attention to the problem of factors, in the form of throw-exercises and fitness tests, aiding the improvement of teaching fly-throwing and influencing performance improvement, taking into account activities performed using the nondominant limb. At the end of the series of articles we recommend the article entitled: The reader may find it to be an interesting attempt to use the Analytic Hierarchy jaochim multi-process AHP in optimizing the model of the ice-hockey training system for children and the youth.

I hope that all who wish to study the whole 64 th Anthropomotorics issue will not be disappointed and will uphold my opinion.

As usual, I send my regards from the royal-capital city of Krakow and send the best Christmas wishes for the upcoming holiday season, full of rest with a copy of Anthropomotorics in hand. In the New Joachi,I count on continued fruitful cooperation and interest in what great results the joint collaboration between Cracow-Wroclaw done for the sake of physical culture are achieved.

Editor in Chief of Anthropomotorics Edward Mleczko 8.

In accordance with the aim of the study, selected indicators of somatic, motor, and mental development among children were compared to the corresponding data for from the same agglomerations.

In the first decade of the 21st century, the place of residence had a lesser effect on physical, mental, and motor development than in the last decades of the 20th century. At the turn of the 21th century, beneficial changes occurred in the adjustment of non-verbal intelligence development to the rate of biological development in children.

Intoduction into the research subject Numerous contemporary Polish and foreign studies [1 15], some of which meet meta-analysis criteria [11], have been published that address intergenerational changes in the development of biological traits, joacihm referred to as long-term change tendencies or secular variation. This indicates that the subject has a rich and long-standing tradition in scientific research.


Polish authors have made a valuable contribution re- Another antropmotoryka, international-level achievement of Polish anthropology is the assessment racek intergenerational variation in physical fitness indicators [10, 14 20], especially those components of physical fitness that are regarded jowchim measures of health [18].

To date, the tradition of assessing long-term change tendencies in intellectual development among persons from different social backgrounds, popular since the s, has not attracted the interest of Polish researchers. This may be due to jowchim fact that from the perspective of physical anthropology, mental development is not part of biological development [20].

It seems that Polish research may still be affected by the methodological approach to interpreting and assessing human mental health on the part of some branches of psychology, even though the approach is becoming less and less popular [21, 22]. Toward the end of joachmi 20th century, American academic James Robert Jim Flynn, now Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, drew attention to certain evidence for the viability of assessing intergenerational variation in intelligence.


Massive Gains to [23] a linear, monotonic increase in IQ of 3 points per decade about 0. Studies usually term this effect the Flynn Effect []. It should be noted that studies conducted among children in some populations reported long-term changes in IQ even earlier. However, no important conclusions were drawn from the observed phenomenon. Thorndike, among others, noticed in an improvement in the results of Stanford-Binet intelligence tests conducted among children [27].

Prior to Flynn s findings, Richard Lynn published an article in Nature [28] in which he described the occurrence of secular variation in intelligence based on a comparative analysis of results obtained among Asian and American population.

Consequently, studies sometimes refer to the phenomenon using a longer term, the Lynn-Flynn effect, indicating that two researchers discovered the same phenomenon in different populations [29, 30]. Analysis of the obtained results indicates that the arithmetic means of non-verbal intelligence and biological development indicators may have slightly improved among boys and girls from the town and the village, while non-verbal intelligence and physical development indicators may have stabilized or decreased among children from the city.

Polish studies have indicated the possibility of biological development decelerating only among children born in the s, i. In Europe, the deceleration of physical development has been confirmed in rich Scandinavian countries [9, 11].

This deceleration is the result of using the full potential for biological development due to an improvement in the quality of life. It seems interesting that the same phenomenon has been confirmed in the latest assessments of secular variation in intelligence, for instance, in Norway [31]. However, researchers have been observing positive long-term changes in intelligence in long and short periods since the beginning of antropomotorykq.

These changes are understood to confirm the aforementioned Lynn- Flynn effect. This tendency continued at least until the antropomotoryks [33]. An even greater increase in IQ was observed in other countries. In Great Britain, for instance, IQ increased by 27 points between and [34]. An improvement in IQ was also found within shorter periods and not only in developed countries. Quoting all relevant publications would be difficult; by necessity, only the following review publications will be suggested for reading here: Lynn [28]; Ang et al.

This study may provide information on tendencies related to non-verbal intelligence among pre-school and school-aged children during three decades of dramatic political transformations in raxzek Eastern European

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